A hundred thousand needles are inserted in her head

She can’t lay down or rest her head against the wall

She has to be tethered with ropes when she wants to sleep

She smokes grass and weed to ease her pain

And sometimes she screams when she can’t bear it no more

It’s like standing in the middle of a soccer stadium and hear the crazy Vuvuzela


It all began on that dreadful day

The dead eagle on the doorstep

The cat crying in the backyard

The black coal smoke filled garden

And the three hundred years old tree fallen

All the bad omens had lined up to warn her

But she was blind folded.

Blind folded by her love. Oh yes the first new love.


Then it happened.

She ate those forbidden smoking and fragrant wild mushrooms

At first she felt powerful like the invincible goddess Kali

But after touching the sky she started shrinking

Until she was as tall as a hobbit

Her head started to collapse

Like a fish bowl its various pieces strewn all over in just a fraction of second

The rest of her stood there motionless and frozen


Kids from the neighborhood got together

And started putting all the broken pieces one by one

As though it was some jigsaw puzzle

But it wasn’t easy to hold that monstrous head intact

That was then they called out for the army of elves

They worked their magic through the night 

And there she was a girl with hundred thousand needles in her head


She is alive now but then again often she asks how much alive am I

Thirty percent or forty percent

For she doesn’t feel anything in her head other than that excruciating pain

Her mother would play piano and sing songs and tell stories to calm her

Every calmness has a shelf life unfortunately

It would get broken by bouts of ghastly pains

Yet she continues to live

With hundred thousand needles in her head

In between fragments of calmness and pain

She chooses to breathe in and breathe out