I live to savor the poetry of day to day life. Smiling while watching rain drops dancing on the leaves..admiring the sparrow birds playing while perched on a cable wire.. closing my eyes to take a whiff of the magical lemon grass tea..being  a little scared but still tempted to pat the street dog soaking sun on a winter afternoon.. reminiscing the warmth of my grandma hands while oiling my hair.. seeing the wonderful contentment on my mother’s face while she’s curled up on a charpoi and knitting a blanket.. I couldn’t be more grateful to my aunt for naming me Kavya meaning a sonnet or a poem in Sanskrit.

As a professional have donned many hats in the quest to be true to my calling. From being a hospitality professional to an editorial researcher to working as a PR professional with clients in the space of fashion, hospitality and technology. I bring on the table something arguably unique.

From writing about Dubai as a wedding destination to concocting illusions about a total stranger​, I am a Branding and Corporate Communications professional with expertise in the Lifestyle space​,​ ​a​ language enthusiast​ currently in love with Espanol; hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together.