All my bags are packed

I am wearing my runner shoes

To tread on the roads unknown

I don’t know what trees grow there

What birds inhabit those lands

I aint got no idea about people there, what are they like


I aint know nothing

And that makes it enchanting

The uncertainty of all of it

In uncertainty of all sprouts new wonderful possibilities

The seeds of my experiences are nurtured here


I drag along my suitcases to the new roads

Roads I have never travelled

The tar and the charcoal beneath my feet feels creaky

I walk a thousand steps

I made friends with the mountain dog

He told me stories that were never told

Of ghosts and trolls that house those mountains

I feed the dogs left over bits of biscuits

He told me he had not eaten for fifty years

I pat him on the head

He told me more stories that are better left untold

The sky above me lit up to million stars

Each shining brilliantly like the lantern in huts of my village

I hear the werewolves howling

As if preparing for a new gang of wars


I tumbled into a slumber

But the black dog does not sleep

He got to guard the woods


Night is a playground of many animals and mosquitoes and insects

They come out in the dark, make noises, play and kill and mate

The forest otherwise silent is buzzing with their mischievous sounds


In my dream, I heard a leaf curling close to my ear and whisper softly

Leave the jungle

Your bags are packed

Your shoes still not torn, Run Run and Run


A ray of morning light meandering its way through the pine trees

Caress my face like the hands of my grandmother

I know I must wake up

I must go to new roads

For all my bags are packed

I am wearing my runner shoes