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Thoughts | Kavya Kalra - Part 2

let me kill you

let me kill you
its the call of my religion
he took my land
god gave it to me
yes! yes! its my land
so what if god never said it
i know its mine
let me kill him
lest he will eat from my land
house on my land
and die on my land
let me protect my land
for its my land
my land is calling me
it wants your blood
for it will then reap fruit
let me kill you
let me kill you
i know you look like me
you feel as i do
same god created you
but this aint your land
god gave it to me
let me kill you
let me kill you my brother
its my duty to the land
I must kill you
for then i will rest in peace
and die on my land
for this is my land
let me kill you

Idiots Rule

berserk has the world gone
shouting and screaming
nothing but drivel
obscenities coming out naturally
to see dumbheads prattle
putting up a blatant pretext of Einstienism
poor einstein is turning convulsively inside his grave
Hail the idiots!
is the slogan of today
An idiot after idiot
are chained together
after all likeness attracts
Save the grace of the world!
Idiots are running the show
its grotesquely humorously picture
sane minds despise it
tie psuedo Einstiens
and drown them in dirty gutter
let them go down the drain
its been ages yearning for intellect
intellect should assume the power
to spread enlightment
and progress the world
before the line between have brains and have not brains
is merged…

Tic Toc

Tic Toc of the clock is nothing but the perpetual movement of time. For some ears it is the cacaphony and for others its the stirring music of chimes..

This mechanical tic toc is capable of producing different guises at different situations.

It could be the melancholy of a deserted and dilapidated house, the tranquility of marooned beach, happiness of listening child’s first words, enthusiasm of buying a vintage car, contentment of seeing your loved ones sleeping peacefully, music when the guitar strings are pulled, lying on a death bed and counting your last few breaths..

Tic Toc goes on incessantly..

Tic Tocs could be the reminders of colassal histories ot the very moment or the insight in to the crystal ball..

They say what cant be cured must be endured. Tic Tocs are beyond human control. So i aspire to live every tic toc happily and fully..


Universe is divine

Happily contented is what I feel
or if I may rather call it content happiness
subtle and glorified is everything around
for the universe is divine

I feel the one with the universe
savouring the blades of green grass
playing with the dew drop on leaf
creating sketches in the sky
smiling with the sun, moon and stars
gliding on the waves of pristine blue waters
climbing the stairs of heaven
dancing on the music of my soul
I feel absolutely full

happy am I or happiness is inside me
all I say Universe is divine