thinking about the long evening walks i used to take after my morning shifts, at shahjahan road, mostly alone.. evenings are seldom warm there.. the broad road is flanked by trees on both the sides.. would look at the leaves which had fallen off the trees like a nation that has been carved off the mainland.. scattered leaves would remind me of the scene from movie ‘autumn in newyork’ where richard gere is walking on the bed of saffron coloured maple leaves.. thats a beautiful garden and a beautiful shot..

after a long tiring day, dis was the time to talk and listen to myself peacefully and patiently.. flushing out the toxins of the day and rejunivating.. watch people around walking their pets..birds perched on the pavement.. the soothing rustling of leaves..wind felt like romancing my face and playing with my hair.. the air so fresh and tranquilising would viberate me with energy..
and would leave me covet for god knows what.?