Tic Toc of the clock is nothing but the perpetual movement of time. For some ears it is the cacaphony and for others its the stirring music of chimes..

This mechanical tic toc is capable of producing different guises at different situations.

It could be the melancholy of a deserted and dilapidated house, the tranquility of marooned beach, happiness of listening child’s first words, enthusiasm of buying a vintage car, contentment of seeing your loved ones sleeping peacefully, music when the guitar strings are pulled, lying on a death bed and counting your last few breaths..

Tic Toc goes on incessantly..

Tic Tocs could be the reminders of colassal histories ot the very moment or the insight in to the crystal ball..

They say what cant be cured must be endured. Tic Tocs are beyond human control. So i aspire to live every tic toc happily and fully..